Pet Boarding

Pet Accommodation in Mulwala

La Kinga Dog KennelsAs we live on site you can be assured that your pet is in a safe and secure environment. The kennels are in full view of our residence.

All our pet accommodation suites have comfortable trampoline beds, blankets and bedroom doggy door which allows your dog to go indoors and outdoors at their leisure whilst being in their own secure suite.

Your pet will enjoy the choice of three sizes of accommodation:

  1. Family Suite – 3.6m x 10m – ideal for family accommodation
  2. Spacious Suite – 1.9m x 7m – great accommodation for larger pets
  3. Standard Suite – 1.2m x 7m – perfect accommodation for smaller pets

La Kinga Pet Boarding KennelOur kennels have uniquely designed floors to allow clean and hygienic waste disposal with a computerised septic system ensuring a constant fresh environment. The building is insulated and all suites have heating in winter and evaporative air-conditioning in summer to keep your pet comfortable at all times.

Music is piped throughout the boarding facility all day providing a soothing, calming environment.

Just Like Home

You are more than welcome to bring your pets favourite belongings as we love them to feel completely at home.

Daily Pet Food Menus

We offer two menu choices for your pet at La’Kinga Boarding Kennels. Please enquire at the time of booking.

Should your pet require a special diet for health reasons, this can also be catered for using your own supplied meals.

Pet Vaccinations

It is imperative that your pet has been vaccinated to C5 standard in order to protect all pets in our care. Proof of current vaccination is essential at the time of drop off. Pets must have received the vaccination or booster at least 14 full days prior to boarding.