Pet Care Services

Pet Playtime

Happy DogPlaytime is provided everyday for every pet (free of charge). This is often in the form of supervised doggie walks (on lead) around our extensive property, ball throw and fetch, cuddles and pats.

We offer three large external grassed exercise areas with play equipment for your pet to enjoy at various times during the day. For peace of mind, our pet exercise area is totally secure within the complex with no worry your pet will escape. Your pet can enjoy the fun of a ball game or run around, or, if your pet is elderly, a laze on the grass or just a gentle potter.

Malwala Pet Boarding KennelsAt no time is your pet placed with any other pet unless prior consent has been obtained from all owners.

Pet Pickup and Drop Off Service

Pick up and drop off service is available for your pet (fees apply) and we can offer this service within an hour’s radius of our property (subject to availability).

After Hours Pet Care

We proudly boast 24 hour pet care as our home is situation behind the boarding complex, with a full view of each external run.

Should your pet require medication, if necessary this can be administered on a 24 hour basis when required for a nominal fee.

A 24 hour local “on call” veterinary service is also available.

Family Groups

We are happy to board compatible members of your dog family together in one of our spacious suites. Please advise at the time of booking so that a suitable run can be allocated.

Other Services

Should you require other services such as dog grooming or hydrobathing, we can arrange this service with a local groomer.